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Shiv Kumar Gupta
Co-Founder & Director

Shiv has been in the product development and engineering for over 13 years, holding key engineering positions in various organizations. He is a strong technologist, known for architectural & design skills, and attributes his success to in-depth knowledge of various platforms, programming-languages, and design-patterns.

Prior to founding IESOFT Technologies, Shiv has worked in organizations like Innominds, Motorola, and Global Logic. In Innominds, Shiv created a strong team and specialzed centres of excellence to drive technology initiatives. In Motorola, during his five plus years stay, he held architect level positions to create products for Technology Groups and Motorola's IDEN mobile phones.

Shiv is passionate about working on leading edge technologies and designing succesful products. Still a hands on guy, he also shares the passion of creating "A" teams as part of engineering organizations.

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Parthasarathi Ramanujam

Partha has been in the product development and engineering for over 18 years, heading key engineering & management positions in various organizations. He is an inspiring leader, known for building strong technology & product teams, and attributes his success to understanding of people.

Prior to founding IESOFT Technologies, Partha has headed teams in organizations like Innominds, Motorola, and Siemens ICM. In Innominds, Partha built from scratch a strong mobile team including specialized centers of excellence for IP development. In Motorola, during his nine plus years stay, he held key engineering and management positions including product manager for Motorola's IDEN mobile phones. He was one of the first guys from India to drive teams across the globe to create succesful software products for IDEN with offshore technology ownership.

Partha is an engineer by heart, and likes to stay hands-on along with the engineers. He is passionate about creating high performance teams and developing world class products.

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Dr. Susanta Misra

Dr. Susanta Misra is a mentor at IESOFT Technologies. An expert professional and a global executive, Susanta has worked on varied set of roles in Corporate Development and Operation Strategy, an Executive Coach for the Management Team and Next level Leadership Development. He attributes his achievements in connecting to people and has a natural ability to identify the right person for the right job.

Susanta is the Founder and CEO of NICEFIT Career Consulting Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad. Prior to starting NICEFIT Career Consulting, Dr Misra was the Director and Head of Motorola Software Center at Hyderabad. In his illustrious career of 17 yrs at Motorola, he worked on various Technology, Engineering and General Management roles in India and abroad. An accomplished organization builder and a genuine talent developer, Susanta is known for his unique abilities to identify right talents for right jobs. He is an excellent coach, a career counsellor and a mentor.

Dr Misra holds a PhD from IIT, Kharagpur and an MBA from University of Texas, Austin, USA. He is a chartered member of TiE Hyderabad and served as Management Committee member of HYSEA (now ITSAP).

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